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Cook New Delicious Meals Every Single Day!

Cook New Delicious Meals
Every Single Day!

(No Matter What Ingredients You Have In The Kitchen)

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Tired Of Cooking The Same Old Recipes?  Then Make Sure To Read Below To Learn My Proven Process For Breaking Free From The Recipes For Good And Cooking New Delicious Meals Every Single Night

From The Kitchen of

Mike Greenfield

Founder of Pro Home Cooks

Hello fellow home cook!

Does this story sound familiar?


It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re planning your meals for the week.


You’ve got a few “go to” recipes, but you’re thinking about trying something new.


So you search online for a tasty new dish…

But Every Recipe You Find Leads To The same dead-end issues:

And because you don’t know how to improvise and substitute the ingredients you already have in your pantry or fridge…

You Fall Back To The Same Old Recipes You’ve Cooked Dozens Of Times

Instead Of Trying Something New!

The sad truth is, I see way too many home cooks who rarely try new dishes because they’re handcuffed by the recipes!

All it takes is missing one key ingredient, and they give up on the dish because they don’t know how to substitute different ingredients.

Or they see a fun new vegetable or cut of meat at the grocery store, and they’re afraid to give it a try because they can’t find the exact recipe showing them how to cook it.

Throwing away extra food that doesn’t fit the recipe, wasting tons of food because they don’t know how to create a quick and delicious meal from whatever they find in the kitchen…

And thinking the only way to enjoy a 5-star quality dinner is spending hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant!

Here’s What Holds Most Cooks Back From Cooking Unlimited Delicious Dishes At Home

I remember when I started my home cooking journey nearly 10 years ago, I had this idea that cooking needed to be a certain way:

And what I’ve come to realize is, the reason these ideas are instilled into most home cooks is because most cooking classes are taught by CHEFS!

Now of course, if you’re running a Michelin Star Restaurant, you need to cook your meals the exact same way every time…

And those expert culinary techniques are what sets one restaurant apart from the competition…

But when chefs teach us to use the same techniques in our home…

The More Fear It Instills In Your Cooking!

I see this all too often with home cooks – They feel stuck and uninspired in the kitchen because they’re afraid to experiment and fail!

Thinking expert culinary skills, specific ingredients, or some secret underground recipe is the answer to upping their cooking game.

But what you need to realize is…

You Don’t Need Another Recipe
You Need A New Philosophy!

What you need to do instead is learn how to cook intuitively, with a framework and skillset that guarantees EVERYTHING you cook tastes great.

Where you’re able to freestyle and crank out recipes with whatever ingredients you have in the fridge.

Where you’re able to walk into any farmers market, butcher shop, or even your local grocery store…

And easily throw together a flavorful meal that your family and friends will love, even if you’ve never cooked the dish before.

Not to mention all the money you’ll save because you’ll be able to cook up all this food – Creating delicious meals from the ingredients you have on hand…

Once you Conquer the Kitchen, your food will taste as good as the best chef in town!

It’s Time To Conquer The Kitchen And Join The Pro Home Cooks Movement

Before all these famous chefs came along, there was no ego, no fear in cooking…


It was a survival thing. It was about feeding your family and becoming the best cook you can be.


Which is the foundation of my entire life’s work, Pro Home Cooks, where I’ve dedicated the last 10+ years to helping home cooks find their own unique expression in the kitchen.


And I can’t tell you how lucky I am to see this movement turn into a thriving community, with over 2 million subscribers and 165 Million views on my YouTube channel


Including 4,000+ students who have gone through my online courses where I receive comments like these daily:

“Conquer The Kitchen was a fantastic experience from a fantastic teacher!


Mike’s mindset that distinguishes pro home cooks from restaurant cooks was enlightening, and has given me more confidence when cooking. 


By the way… I made burgers for a friend recently, and he said they were the best he had ever had! I guess I really am a Pro Home Cook. Ha!


Check out this bolognese sauce I made after watching the “Next Level Sauce” module.  Added some fresh mushrooms and homemade buttered sourdough. Learned a lot!”

DAMON J (Conquer The Kitchen Graduate)

Damon's Tasty Bolognese

“I was initially skeptical of paying for an online course because the internet is filled with free cooking videos, but I’m so glad I bit the bullet!


Mike’s course videos are incredibly thorough and filled with tons of practical information.


All of his courses not only gave me the inspiration to cook more often, it gave me the knowledge and confidence to try new dishes!” 


(Conquer The Kitchen & Sourdough U Graduate)

“I’ve done a bunch of reading, bought books, and followed recipes, all to mixed results.  When I found out Mike was putting together a comprehensive cooking course, I was sold. 


I tore through the videos in less than a week and the results I’ve had have been nothing short of amazing. 


The difference has been night and day. For anyone confused, lost, or overwhelmed, do not hesitate to enroll!” 

RYAN D   (Conquer The Kitchen & Sourdough U Graduate)

Finally! A Cooking School Designed SPECIFICALLY For Home Cooks

There’s truly nothing more enjoyable than cooking a new delicious meal that you’ve never cooked before…


And seeing the excited expression on the faces of your family or friends when they take that first bite.


It’s what makes cooking so addictive!


Which is why, for the first time ever, I’ve decided to distill down everything I’ve learned over the last 10+ years as a home cook and teacher…


And turn it into a step by step course that anyone can follow to truly Conquer YOUR Kitchen!



This is my cooking manifesto. With 10+ hours of video content helping you break free from the recipes for good and build more confidence in the kitchen.

Covering everything from the best cooking equipment, to how to free flow and improvise with ANY vegetable or cut of meat you find

Building your “cooking intuition” and learning hundreds of cooking tips, tricks, and recipes along the way.

To get started now, click the big red button below, and let’s Conquer The Kitchen together!

“Conquer The Kitchen has completely changed the way I look at food.  


Before, I was constantly buying food that was out of season, and constantly eating food that bored me.


After Mike’s course, I have such incredible confidence in my ability to make exciting meals and keep things fresh. He teaches timeless techniques, and he completely changed my mindset from recipe-based cooking to ingredient and flavor-based cooking.


Going to the grocery store has become an exciting adventure, and every day I look forward to getting creative in the kitchen.  Thanks, Mike!”

(Conquer The Kitchen Graduate)

“I’m not an expert home cook, but I can work my way around the kitchen, so when I first signed up for Conquer The Kitchen, I was worried that it was going to be too basic…


But having gone through the course, Mike offers a ton of great instruction, insight, and tips that really made this course a worthwhile purchase.


There are great recipes included, but where the course really shines is by delivering general frameworks that guarantee tasty results while allowing for spontaneity with the ingredients.


Whether you already have some experience or are a complete beginner, I would absolutely recommend this course if you’re looking to level up your cooking game!”

(Conquer The Kitchen Graduate)

Here's How We'll Conquer
The Kitchen Together

We’ll start with a complete overview of the course, followed by jumping right in to my “Pro Home Cooking Commandments.”

These are the rules all Home Cooks must follow if you want to get the most out of this course, as well as unlocking an entirely new level of creativity and inspiration in your cooking.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

By the end of Section 1, you’ll already have some new cooking skills under your belt, and more importantly, you’ll be inspired to head into the kitchen and try something new.


But before we start cooking, we need to make sure you have the right equipment, which is what Section 2 is all about!

If you don’t have the right tools, you aren’t going to be successful in the kitchen.


Which is why Section 2 will show you the essential cooking equipment you need to feel confident in the kitchen – No matter how big your budget is!


Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

By the end of Section 2, you’ll know exactly what you need to build your dream kitchen setup. (With a wishlist for what to buy in the future as you get more addicted to cooking 😉)


Now it’s time to make some meals!

Instead of being a slave to the grocery list, by the end of this Section 3, you’ll be able to walk into any farmer’s market or grocery store…


And choose whatever vegetables or ingredients you find and turn them into a flavorful dish.


Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

Once you’ve mastered your veggie game, you truly have a rock-solid foundation for adding more variety to your dishes.


But we won’t stop there, next it’s time to jump into one of the most fun things you can cook in the kitchen…

Sadly, I see way too many home cooks fall back to the basics of chicken breasts and ground beef because they’re intimidated to try new cuts of meat.


Section 4 is designed to give you the confidence and inspiration to branch out and try new meats, as well as building an entire meal around them.


Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

By the end of Section 4, you’ll now have a new level of confidence to cook nearly every type of food you come across in the grocery store.


But there’s still one more thing that prevents a lot of home cooks from making better meals… TIME!


Which is what Section 5 is all about…

Trust me, I get it!  We all live busy lives, and when you come home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is spend 4 hours braising a lambchop.


Which is why Section 5 is dedicated to helping you whip up super tasty dishes that all take less than 30 minutes to cook.


The best part is, these dishes are all highly customizable – So you can use whatever ingredients you have on hand – Instead of needing to run to the grocery store because you’re missing a key ingredient.


Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

Boom!  By the end of Section 5 you’ll be a certified Pro Home Cook who’s able to wow your friends and family with new dishes every single night.


You’ll also transform how you view cooking, with a new sense of power and inspiration to experiment and try new things every time you head into the kitchen!

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To make this course as comprehensive as possible, I’m also including these special limited time bonuses, yours free when you join today!

($47 Value)

With so many different ways to cook vegetables: Blanching, bleaching, roasting, baking, stir frying and deep frying…


How do you know what’s best?

Which is why I’ve created this “Veggie Cheat Sheet” showing you how to substitute any vegetable you find at the market or grocery store

So whenever you find a new vegetable that looks interesting, instead of thinking “I can’t use this because I don’t know how to cook it”…

You’ll have a quick scan Cheat Sheet showing you exactly how to use it in your next meal.

But the only way to get this FREE Veggie Cheat Sheet is by joining The Conquer Kitchen Course during this special launch!

($47 Value)

When you join today, you’ll also gain access to The Ultimate Meat Guide.


Having the ability to cook new cuts of meat opens up a world of possibilities for new dishes.

Which is why, just like the Veggie Cheat Sheet, I created this Ultimate Meat Guide that will show you how to cook any cut of meat you find at the grocery store.


Separating each cut into 4 cooking styles, so you’ll be able to go to the butcher and pick out anything that looks inspiring and know exactly how to cook it to perfection.


You get The Ultimate Meat Guide FREE when you join Conquer the Kitchen during this special launch!

The Pro Home Cooks University Private Facebook Group
($97 Value)

When you join today, you’ll also gain lifetime access to my Private Pro Home Cooks Facebook Group.


Got a question about a new ingredient you’ve never cooked with?


Need a substitute for a spice you can’t find?


Now you’ll have a group of fellow Home Cooks to bounce ideas off…


Plus daily inspiration as you watch other students apply what they learn from the course to their meals.


Don’t forget to post a picture of your next delicious dish to inspire everyone else and stay motivated!


But the ONLY way to gain access to this exclusive community is by joining the Conquer the Kitchen program before this special launch is over!

Recorded Q&A Cooking Classes!
($147 Value)

And finally, when you join Conquer The Kitchen during this special launch, you’ll also gain access to a 6 Recorded Q&A  Cooking Classes with me!


Each of these recipes can be completed in under an hour, and include a Q&A section where I answer pretty much every question you might have about cooking the meal or substituting ingredients…


Here’s your chance to cook along with me, and finishing up with a tasty meal for your friends or family!


PLUS:  Get the entire first round of recorded LIVEs when you join Conquer The Kitchen before this special launch is over!


Let’s Recap Everything You Get:

Total Value: $835
You Get It All Today For:



“As Good As The Culinary Institute of America!”

“Your program is one of the best presented learning tools I have ever encountered!

I know that sounds overstated but, as a Culinary Institute of America graduate and involved in training programs, I believe that statement is valid.

Thanks for the great job!”


30 Day Money-Back
“Unlimited Dish” Guarantee

On top of everything else, I’m also including my “Unlimited Dish” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This gives you an entire month to go through the course, experiment with new dishes, try some of the 30 minute meals…

And if you don’t feel like you’ve unlocked an entirely new level of confidence in the kitchen…


Heck, if you don’t have your wife, husband, or significant other asking “Why does this taste so good?!”


Just shoot me a message that you’re not satisfied with the course and I’ll send you 100% of your money back! 

You Get It All For Just $87!

The time to get started is NOW!  Click the big red buy button below, and let me help you take your cooking skills to the next level!

You’ll be instantly redirected to the checkout page, where you can enter your credit card details with 100% secured 32-bit encryption.


Followed by immediate access to the Private Members area, where you can get started watching the introduction video right away.

You Literally Have Everything You Need To Conquer The Kitchen

Gone are the days of wasting hours searching for recipes on the internet, only to fall back on old recipes because you’re afraid to try something new…


Gone are the days of throwing away extra food because you don’t know what to do with the leftovers…


And gone are the days of thinking the only way to enjoy a 5-star quality dinner is spending hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant!


Instead, you now have the tools to cook new delicious dishes every single night – With me as your guide, holding your hand every step of the way.


PLUS a group of friends inside the VIP Facebook group to bounce ideas off of and get inspired by the meals their cooking as well.


It all starts by clicking the big red button below, and let’s get to work Conquering the Kitchen!

From The Kitchen of

Mike Greenfield

Founder of Pro Home Cooks