You Don’t Need To Be A Professional Baker To Bake Sourdough Bread LikeTHIS At Home

You Don’t Need To Be A Professional Baker To Bake Sourdough Bread Like THIS At Home

Would you like to learn my no-fail approach to baking delicious, nutritious, artisanal style sourdough bread at home?

Here's Why Baking SOURDOUGH BREAD Is One Of The Most Rewarding Things
You Can Do In The Kitchen

Here's Why Baking Sourdough Dough Bread Is The Most Rewarding Things You Can Do In The Kitchen

Dear aspiring baker,

Have you ever pulled a steaming hot, perfectly caramelized loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven…
And after letting it cool, sliced inside to find a perfectly textured, airy, delicious crumb that tastes AMAZING?!
If you have, then you know why baking sourdough bread is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the kitchen!
Every bake is a new surprise. You never know what’s going on inside. With dozens of make or break elements factoring into your bread baking success!
Which is also why…

Sourdough Bread Baking Is


You Can Learn In The Kitchen!

It’s not as easy as just following a simple recipe and adding some baker’s yeast!

There’s so many more factors that go into the fermentation process, fully activating your sourdough starter, and perfecting the stretch and fold techniques for ideal gluten structure… 
That it forces you to stay much more in tune with your dough and the bread baking process. 
And sadly, because it’s so easy to go wrong, too often I see people giving up after their bread doesn’t rise, or they end up with a super dense or uneven crumb. 
To make matters worse, when you try figuring out where you went wrong…

Most Baking Advice You Read Online Is DEAD WRONG

Most Baking Advice You Read Online Is DEAD WRONG!

I remember when I started my sourdough bread baking journey…

I’d spend hours proofing, kneading, and baking bread – Only to open the oven and see a loaf with no rise, or slice inside to find a gooey crumb or massive uneven holes! 

Then I’d go online to figure out where I went wrong, and the only
information I could find was random guesses from people on forums.
On top of that, there were all these new terms like hydration percentages, auto-lysing, and proofing, that I had no idea what they meant.

So if you’ve tried baking sourdough bread before and failed,
or you’re afraid to jump in because you think it’s too difficult…

Trust me, you’re not alone!

So if you’ve tried baking sourdough bread before and failed, or you’re afraid to jump in because you think it’s too difficult…

Trust me, you’re not alone!

I Took TheSLOW WAY To Mastering The Art And Science Of Sourdough Bread Baking – So You Don’t Have To

I Took The SLOW WAY To Mastering The Art And Science Of Sourdough Bread Baking So You Don’t Have To

But after my first few attempts I started seeing some progress, and being the Pro Home Cook that I am, I was committed to cracking the sourdough bread baking code:

I call it “The Quest for the Perfect Loaf” – Where every loaf you bake is better than the last.

And as a result, I became ADDICTED to sourdough bread baking!

But even more than that, after successfully baking literally thousands of loaves in my oven…

I’ve Perfected The Sourdough Bread Baking Process Into A Simple System That Anyone Can Follow

Once I started getting consistent results in the kitchen, I recorded a few sourdough tutorials and published them on YouTube…

And was surprised by their immediate success, with millions of views, and near daily emails from people sending me pictures of beautiful loaves of bread. (Which I love!)
But what I quickly realized is no single video alone can give you everything you need to master the bread baking process.
So I started distilling down all the information I’d learned over the years, and all the questions
from comments on YouTube…
Bringing it all into a step by step process that anyone can use to instantly bake better sourdough bread.

The Most Comprehensive


No matter if it’s your first time baking or you’ve baked hundreds of loaves…

Sourdough U is an easy to follow video training where I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to bake sourdough bread that’s better than anything you’ve bought in a store.

With multiple camera angles showing you exactly how I stretch and fold, beginner, intermediate, and advanced recipes with the best hydration levels and flour mixes… 
And hundreds of tips, tricks, and baker’s secrets to help you on your quest towards baking the perfect loaf!


I’ve now had over 4,000 people attend Sourdough U, and get emails and Instagram messages like these daily from customers:

Check Out Julie's Bread!


From Total Failure To Friends BEGGING For More Bread!

“To say I was a sourdough failure is an understatement. A couple of times a week I would grapple with another recipe and produce a boule that was really dense with no discernible crumb and a lame crust.

Then I came across one of Mike’s Sourdough videos on YouTube and was so impressed, I signed up for his Sourdough U and it is a revelation!

I had read so much about sourdough but Mike’s clear and concise descriptions of every step in the process really brought it all together. I have gone from sourdough failure to fabulous! Now my friends all beg for a loaf.”


Obsessed with Sourdough!

“I’m about halfway through Mike’s class now, and I’m already making amazing sourdough bread.

He explains every bit of science behind the process, and his instructions are easy to follow.  It’s definitely worth it.  This class is great.  I’m obsessed with sourdough now!”


As Good As The Culinary Insitute!

“Your program is one of the best presented learning tools I have ever encountered!

I know that sounds overstated but, as a Culinary Institute of America graduate and involved in training programs, I believe that statement is valid.  Thanks for the great job!”

Here’s How We’ll Master
Sourdough Bread Baking Together...

When you join Sourdough U today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire video training.

You can start working through day one right away, and go as fast or as slow as you’d like depending on your schedule…

The Science of Sourdough And Building Your Bread Baking Intuition

First I’ll give you a complete overview of the program and explain exactly how to get the most out of it. 

Then we’ll dive right into “The Gluten Revolution” and learn why sourdough bread is the healthiest most nutritious bread out there. (Even if you’re allergic to gluten!)
We’ll also cover things like: 

The reason sourdough bread baking is so rewarding is because it’s more of an artform than a science, and requires more than just following a simple recipe.

By the end of Module 1, you’ll be well on your way to an experienced baker’s level intuition, and know exactly what to look for at each stage of the bread baking process!

Baking Tools For Every Level Baker

Then in Module 2, I’ll give you an exhaustive list of baking tools…

If you’re just starting out, I’ll show you how to jump in for less than $20 total!

But because I know after you start baking amazingly delicious loaves of bread you’ll get addicted, I’ve also included a complete list of the best tools for you to use on your quest towards the perfect loaf.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

You might be surprised how little you need to start baking “Baker’s Quality” bread at home, I’ll show you exactly what you need in Module 2, plus my favorite tools for when you’re ready to up your game.

Upgrading Your Flour With Better Quality Ingredients And Ancient Grains

Then in Module 3, we’ll take a deep dive into the best types of flour to use, and how to extract maximum flavor and nutrition from this essential bread baking ingredient.

Including a complete guide for choosing the right flour based on your climate, experience, and bread baking goals…  
Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

Flour is the core ingredient in making great bread! 

And by the end of Module 3, you’ll have an expert level understanding of how to bake rustic loaves of bread with more bounce, airiness, and a great chew!

Mastering The Sourdough Starter For Maximum Activation And Flavor

Then in Module 4, it’s time to harness the Fermentation Life Force of your bread: The Sourdough Starter! 

I’ll show you exactly what it should look, smell, and taste like so you know exactly when your starter is at peak activation.
We’ll also cover:

The fermentation process going on inside your sourdough starter is what separates sourdough bread baking from other types of baking. 

This is where a lot of mistakes are made, but after Module 4, you’ll know exactly how to create and keep a sourdough starter at peak activation and ready to bake incredible bread.


Beginner’s Sourdough Bread Tutorial

It’s time to start baking! In Module 5 I’ll walk you step by step through my sourdough bread baking process! 

With high quality production and multiple camera angles so you can see exactly how to stretch and fold the dough and get a “Top Baker’s Quality” gluten structure and rise.
You’ll also learn:

Let me be your “Sourdough Shaman” and let’s take this bread baking journey together!

Instead of spending years to learn this process, you’ll be baking better bread within hours of joining Sourdough U – And hopefully get as addicted to the process as I am! 

The Quest For The Perfect Loaf And Advanced Baking Strategies

And finally, in Module 6 we’ll take things to another level – Breaking past the beginner’s loaf and cover all the best ingredients and advanced bread baking techniques.

Strap in and follow along with me as I go all into baking my Perfect Loaf – Teaching you as many advanced baking techniques as I can along the way (Many of these you can’t find anywhere else online!)
We’ll also cover:

When it comes to baking The Perfect Loaf, you need to use more advanced strategies like adding ancient grains and higher hydration levels, which leads to all sorts of new issues and complexities…

But after Module 6, you’ll have dozens of new tactics to help you on YOUR Quest Towards Your Perfect Loaf!

Let Me Be Your


And Hold Your Hand The Entire Way

When you join Sourdough U, I’ll guide you every step of the way towards YOUR quest for the perfect loaf.

Instead of wasting hours of time on forums getting bad advice, or trying to go it alone…
I’m here as your guide, your sourdough shaman, to help you overcome your fears and become a confident, competent sourdough baker.
That’s the key to this course. You won’t just learn the skills, more importantly you’ll gain the confidence to get in there and start baking!
And I know, after seeing hundreds of bakers go through Sourdough U and successfully start baking amazing bread…
That once you slice inside YOUR next loaf, and see that beautiful crumb, smell that fermented bread, and taste the best bread you’ve ever tasted, you too will experience THE most rewarding thing you can do in the kitchen! 

More Sourdough

Success Stories

Sammy Gibbs

Normally I’m not one for cooking classes, as I am not big on following recipes and usually prefer to cook by feel, but I really enjoy how intuitive Mike was with cooking!  
With Mike’s guidance, I was able to have success from the first bake!  

Results after finishing SourdoughU

JimmieLee Z

Mike’s instructions are well paced and at the right level for a lay person just starting out on the sourdough journey and are very captivating.
My sourdough baking level jumped up to a whole new level after taking Mike’s baking course.

Results after finishing SourdoughU

Ryan D

I’ve done a bunch of reading, bought books, and followed recipes, all to mixed results.  When I found out Mike was putting together a comprehensive online sourdough course, I was sold. 

I tore through the videos in less than a week and the results I’ve had have been nothing short of amazing. 

The difference in my sourdough loaves have been night and day. For anyone confused, lost, or overwhelmed with sourdough, do not hesitate to enroll!

Results after finishing SourdoughU

Trisha S

It was my lucky day when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Mike making a loaf of bread and a link to SourdoughU!   

Mike is a natural, intuitive teacher, taking you step by step towards your goal of baking a beautiful loaf of bread. 
He takes you from the very beginning, all the way through to the finished golden crusty loaf!  
I highly recommend SourdoughU for a complete sourdough learning experience!  It’s a small investment for a huge reward!

First attempt after finishing SourdoughU

Marije B

When I started my sourdough bread making journey I was very confused by all the different information I was finding on websites.  It made the whole endeavor feel quite overwhelming and at first it kind of put me off.  But… 

SourdoughU really touched on everything without being overwhelming at all. 
It was so great to have all of the information involved in making Sourdough in one place! 

Results after finishing SourdoughU

Peter B

I had been wanting to make sourdough bread for a while and then I came across Mike’s SourdoughU course and thought I’ve got to give this a crack. 

I was amazed with the amount of detail that he has put into this course and the way he has it organized… 
If you want to make great quality bread at home, this is definitely a course worth signing up for! 

Results after finishing SourdoughU

Check Out Mark's Bread!


A Complete Game Changer!

“After many years of thinking about trying sourdough bread baking and feeling hesitant, I finally took the plunge. At first, I was a bit at sea; it seemed like there were so many variables to sort out.

I made a few okay loaves and then while sifting through the vast amounts of material out there, I stumbled across Mike’s course and knew I had to participate.

It was a complete game changer! Mike is engaging, clear, fun, personable, and organized, and he has given me all the tools and all the confidence I need to make fantastic bread!
Not only has it taught me to make great bread, it has emboldened me to experiment with the variables and to see how to have a blast changing things up and figuring out how flexibly to fit bread making into my erratic schedule.
I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m missing going through the course now that it’s over, but at least I have lots of delicious bread to console me!”

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Sourdough U TODAY!

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Sourdough U!

When you join today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire Sourdough University Training, housed inside a private members area.

The course is broken down into 7.5 hours of easy to digest, quick videos that are entertaining and insightful…
Walking you step by step through the bread baking process. 
To get started now, click the big red button below, and join me inside Sourdough U today!


Get $151 In Valuable Bonuses FREE When You Join Today!!

The Sourdough Video Troubleshooting Guide

I truly believe that after you go through Sourdough U, you’ll have everything you need to make incredible bread every time you bake…

But to take it a step further, I’ve decided to include a few special limited time bonuses to guarantee your success!
First, you’ll get “The Sourdough Troubleshooting Guide.”
This is an easy to search video training, broken down into bite-sized answers to some of the most common questions people have when baking bread.
Here’s some of the topics covered: 

Especially when it comes to working with more advanced ingredientsand higher hydration levels, the complexity definitely goes up! 

But when you have this “Sourdough Troubleshooting Guide” you’ll have an easy to search resource to get the right answer FAST!
I could sell this Guide as a stand alone program, but you get it FREE when you join Sourdough U today! 

The 4 Checklists For Busy Bakers

If you join during this special launch period, you’ll also gain access to my “4 Checklists For Busy Bakers”… 

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people who wish they could bake sourdough bread is: “I don’t have the time!”

Which is why I created these Checklists to help you fit in your sourdough bread baking around your busy schedule. 

Whether you need to speed up or slow down the process, fitting your baking in around work or night time shift…
When you have these checklists ( plus my video explanation on how to use them) you’ll never be a slave to the timings again and be able to have that incredible smell of baked bread entering your kitchen whenever you want.

But the only way to get these checklists and video training for FREE, is when you join Sourdough U during this special launch!

The Slice Of Heaven Video Recipe Guide

When you join today, you’ll also get my “Slice of Heaven” Recipe Training, where I’ll show you some of my favorite sourdough bread recipes.


Let's RECAP Everything You Get:

Let's Recap Everything You Get:

4 Week Sourdough U Course – Lifetime Access

($297 Value)

Bonus #1: Sourdough Video Troubleshooting Guide

($97 Value)

Bonus #2: Slice Of Heaven Video Recipe Guide

($27 Value)

Bonus #3: The 4 Checklists For Busy Bakers

($27 Value)

• 4 Week Sourdough U Course – Lifetime Access ($297 Value)
Bonus #1: Sourdough Video Troubleshooting Guide ($97 Value)
Bonus #2: Slice Of Heaven Video Recipe Guide ($27 Value)
Bonus #3: The 4 Checklists For Busy Bakers ($27 Value)

Total Value: $448

You Get It All Today For:


That’s Less Than $5 A Day For The Next 30 Days – PLUS: Saving You Years Of Lost Time And Money

That’s Less Than $4 A Day For The Next 30 Days – PLUS Saving You Years Of Lost Time And Money

There’s something really magical about mixing only 3 ingredients (Salt, water, and flour) and turning it into this beautiful final product that’s a masterpiece.  

And it’s because of all factors that go into it that lead to a lot of people giving up after their first try, or spending hours on end scouring the internet to figure out where they went wrong…
But instead of wasting all that time inside random baking forums, or spending thousands of dollars in expensive baking classes…
You can gain immediate access to a proven process that’s worked time and again for 2,000+ satisfied customers!
On top that, I believe in this course so much, I’m including a no questions asked…

30 Day “Better Bread” Money-Back Guarantee

In total, that’s $448 of value to guarantee your bread baking success, and includes access to me every step of the way! 

On top of that, I believe in Sourdough U SO much, I want you to: 
Follow my bread baking process, bake a few loaves of bread over the next month, and if you don’t bake the best loaf of your life in the next 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back!
Just shoot me a picture of your baking attempt, and if you’re not completely satisfied with Sourdough U, I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.
No questions asked, no hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt at following the Sourdough U bread baking process, and I will literally guarantee your success!

You Get It All For Just $147!

The time to get started is NOW!

With my 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee, you literally have no risk!
So click the big red buy button below, and let’s get started upgrading your bread baking game today!
You’ll instantly be redirected to the Teachable Member’s Portal, where you can enter your credit card details with 100% secured 32-bit encryption.
Followed by immediate access to the Private Members area, where you can start watching the introduction video right away!

More Sourdough

Success Stories


From Skeptical To Success!

“I was initially skeptical of paying for an online course because the internet is filled with free videos of people making sourdough bread, but I’m so glad I bit the bullet!

Mike’s Sourdough U videos are incredibly thorough, filled with tons of practical information on how to make sourdough bread.

The course not only gave me the impetus to get started at making my own bread, it gave me the knowledge and confidence to problem solve and make better and better bread! I’ve made 9 successful loaves!”


The Course Was Incredibly Helpful!

“Thank you!  The course was incredibly helpful, it was the perfect way to build a base of knowledge.

I especially liked how you cover the science behind bread-making and other nuts and bolts things like protein content in flours, etc. 
Stuff that I wouldn’t have even realized I didn’t know but definitely should know about when it comes to successful bread making.”


I'd Recommend Sourdough U To Anyone...

“I’ve just baked my first two loaves after watching the Sourdough University course.

The best part is knowing that the content is set up to teach the basics but also detailed enough that I’ll keep coming back to help me perfect each stage along the bread making journey.
I’d recommend Sourdough U to anyone who wants to learn the science behind sourdough and is looking for the perfect sourdough play-by-play guide.”


I've Made 50 Loafs With Confidence!

“I had purchased 3 expensive cookbooks on bread making, watched many YouTube videos, many trials and tribulations, but until I stumbled upon Sourdough University I finally got it!

I now create sourdough with confidence and have made over 50 loafs.  Thank you for the inspiration!
Keep doing what you love you’re great at it.”

It's Time To GET ADDICTED To Baking Artisanal Style Sourdough Bread At Home

It's Time To Get Addicted To Baking Artisanal Style Sourdough Bread At Home

Imagine pulling your next loaf out of the oven, with that incredible fermented smell, slicing into a beautifully fluffy crumb that feels like a pillow and tastes amazing!

And then, every time you bake, there’s a new opportunity to bake the best bread of your life.. 
When you follow my proven process inside Sourdough U, you’ll be well on your way to baking YOUR perfect loaf your very next bake!
There’s no need to go it alone, stop wasting your time online digging through forums and videos, and join me inside Sourdough U today!
It all starts by clicking the big red button below… 
And I’ll see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sourdough U was created to be the most approachable baking class on the internet.

I’ve seen many people come into sourdough bread baking with no prior skills or knowledge and come out with incredible bread results! My main goal in this course is to give you the confidence to overcome your bread fears, so you can be baking beautiful sourdough bread every time you go to bake!

A: Once enrolled, you will have access to the Sourdough U video library forever! As well as all of the extra printable downloads that come with the course. 

A: Currently Sourdough U enrollment is open, but I do take courses down from time to time to update them.  On top of that, you will NEVER be able to gain access at this price point again once the special launch period is over.

A: You certainly can still make sourdough bread around your work hours. Which is why I’ve created custom guided recipe checklists that fit into every type of schedule. I’ve created a recipe checklist specifically for nine to five work schedules so you can create delicious bread around your busy schedule! 

A: Once you get the hang of making sourdough at home, you will be able to seamlessly bake loaves of bread without taking up much time at all! And as for buying bread in the stores… Nothing compares to the freshness, taste and nutritional value of a homemade loaf of sourdough. Plus once you complete the course, you can start buying flour in bulk, which will take your baking costs down dramatically.

A: That’s not a problem at all, I actually have a ton of students who originally struggled with their starters before joining and they never even get to the bread making process!

That’s why I created the most comprehensive guide to the sourdough starter on the internet with 6 videos dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of your starter. I can guarantee you will have a super healthy and active starter in just one weeks time!

A: When I started making bread, I didn’t have any special equipment and I still was making great bread at home. I’ve included an equipment section, with 3 videos that cover the DIY, Basic and Wish List equipment so anyone can make bread no matter what equipment you have at home. 

A: I used to feel the same exact way—that bread making was reserved for bakers with fancy equipment and a ton of experience—but the truth is, you can make sourdough bread no matter what skills you have in the kitchen. This course was created with the intention to turn anyone into a competent bread maker, no matter where you are on your cooking journey. 

A: Bread making falls in its own category of cooking and I’ve seen many students turn into excellent bakers without much skill or knowledge for other cooking techniques in the kitchen. 

A: I don’t blame you. Sourdough bread can be tough to get right when you don’t have the best information. This course was created to give you a proven process, and take you through every single step you need to be a competent baker and make delicious bread every time. 

A: If you buy during the special launch period, after purchasing Sourdough U, you’ll receive an email with the information on getting into the live classes. All you will need is internet connection and a phone or computer to access the live classes. 

A: Yes! That’s why I created my “Better Bread” Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: Follow my bread baking process, bake a few loaves of bread over the next month, and if you don’t bake the best loaf of your life in the next 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back!
Just shoot me a picture of your baking attempt, and if you’re not completely satisfied with Sourdough U, I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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